Sandra's Biblical Pro-Life Car and Office Magnet
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This Pro-God and Pro-Life Car Magnet gets noticed when parked on streets as joggers pass by, in shopping mall parking lots, and at red traffic lights.  It appears on refrigerators at home and office, inside international adoption agencies and in pro-life pregnancy centers.  Sandra's dream was of trucks, tow trucks, church buses, vehicles, office file cabinets displaying its message.  The well-known pro-abstinence and pro-life Gospel singer, Rebecca St. James, has this magnet.

Please scroll to bottom of page to view Sandra's dramatic full-length video presentation of THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST OF ABORTION.  (24 minutes)

11.5 inches x 8.25 inches

When she placed her first order for it with the customer service person, he was almost gasping as he looked at the design on his computer screen.  She asked him what was wrong.  He told her he didnt realize the unborn baby was spoken of in the Bible and said, while looking at his screen, "Oh my God, this has changed the direction of my life!"  This initial reaction was such confirmation from the Lord that the design would be used by the Lord to touch many lives if only believers would display them.  There are numerous Scriptures that speak of the personhood of unborn developing babies.

Sandra has shared her dramatization of an unborn baby girl inside her mother's womb during her first 12 weeks before her mother kills her by abortion at Pro-Life conferences and international meetings.  Some of these events have been attended by godly American lawyers who have gone before the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of the unborn and women who have suffered from their abortions.  These lawyers went before the U.S. Supreme Court to help overturn the worst constitutional decision of all time, which was made in 1973, Roe v. Wade.  The Courts decision to legalize the killing in the United States of Gods little ones, unborn babies in the womb, has resulted in the extermination of some 56 million of the Creator's little ones since 1973...  future preachers, teachers, scientists, musicians, doctors, mechanics, etc., who never grew up to join our current 311 million population in America today.  The same lawyers have ordered quantities of these car magnets to put into the hands of like-minded people with a conscience and biblical conviction to uphold the precious lives of the defenseless unborn.

In the 1980s, after Sandra ministered on forgiveness through her music and testimony in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany, before an audience of 30,000 internationals, including ex-Nazis and present-day Nazis, she flew to Munich, Adolph Hitlers headquarters during War II.  With her precious Yiddishe Mama, Golda from Poland, they travelled to the horrible concentration camp in Dachau.

There God gave Sandra a supernatural revelation!  Her parents, Herman and Golda Sheskin, were born in Poland where most of her relatives were exterminated during The Holocaust.  As she was taking a picture of a baby oven where some of the more than 1.25 million Jewish babies and toddlers perished, the Lord spoke to her as if in an audible voice.  He said, "The picture you are taking of this oven where My little ones were incinerated is EQUIVALENT to the abortion clinics in AMERICA!!!"

She almost dropped her camera!  Immediately she thought of Planned Parenthood, the largest such perpetrator of these killings in America, and their response to those potential mothers seeking counsel...  Don't worry, it's not a baby... its just a glob of tissue!

Please help give a voice to these little ones who can't speak for themselves and give God the opportunity to convict by His Holy Spirit pregnant and potential moms and dads to stop this destruction of these dear children whom the Lord knew before they were knit together in their mothers' wombs.  These colorful car magnets are read from far away.  (8.25 inches by 11.50 inches).

An exciting Testimony
Praise God, Sandra!  I still have your magnet on my car and it witnesses to many who comment...  right now Muslims are talking about it in the garage where I park my car and other places.  I see many women look at it at the TOLL booth where you stop and pay...  at the gas stations...  stop lights, etc.  Many ask what it is and what it means!  I have had witnessing opportunities due to this magnet.  Even the car wash people see it as I have to take it off for my car to go through the system and they see it as I remove and put it back on!  Bless you for your obedience.  -- Ann

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Full-Length Video (24 mins)
Abridged Video (13.5 mins)