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For Messianic concerts, Bible teaching with "Jewish Roots" or dramatic Pro-Life presentations, please contact:

Mrs. Sandra Sheskin Brotman

P.O. Box 356  •  Garrett Park, MD 20896-0356

E-mail:  Sandra@SandraSheskinBrotman.com


         •  Messianic Jewish Outreach Concerts

           Testimony of her salvation as an Orthodox Jew and her miraculous healings

           Teaching of the Scriptures from a Jewish Perspective

         •  Prophecy, Israel and Growing Worldwide Anti-Semitism

           'Women Only' emphasis messages

           Presentation of 'The American Holocaust of Abortion'
            —  includes her dramatization of an unborn baby girl in the womb her first 12 weeks

         •  Patriotic Presentations
            —  includes songs such as 'Wake Up, America!' and Honors our Wounded Warriors