The Historic Reconciliation in Washington D.C. Service DVD
Featuring Manny Brotman and Sandra Sheskin Brotman

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The Spirit of God descended upon all as many people
became convicted while Messianic Rabbi Manny
Brotman washed the feet of Afro-American Bishop
Joseph Whitfield, depicted on the DVD cover above.

DVD - Running Time:  110 minutes

Web Orders:  #6022                      $20.00

"As Washington, D.C. goes spiritually, so goes the Nation!"  60 Evangelical organizations sponsored this unprecedented event with the desire to see come together Jew and Gentile, Black and White, Fundamentalist and Charismatic – that Yeshua’s prayer in John 17 would come to pass in the Nation’s Capital:  "That they might be ONE, that the world might BELIEVE!"  God used Manny’s message and the washing of the feet of an Afro-American, Bishop Joseph Whitfield, and Sandra’s testimony and songs to touch lives.  Clergy asked forgiveness for 1,900 years of brutal anti-Semitism by the "Church."


American Indian:  "I forgive you.  I bawled like a baby as the Lord released me from my hurt and outrage against the white man for their treatment of my people."

Jewish Believer:  "The humility of a white man washing a black man’s feet.  I was way in the back and felt the humility!  The power of God in the sanctuary was so strong you could touch it.  I almost died when Manny washed the black pastor’s feet and all the different reconciliations going on, black to white, white to black, Hispanic to Jew."

Filipino:  "Little did I know that the Holy Spirit intended for me to be here so that I could discover about myself a well-concealed, insidious fear and hatred of white people.  That discovery came right about the time that Manny knelt down to bathe the feet of a black brother in Messiah."

East Indian Catholic:  "It was the first time I ever saw Jewish people praising Jesus.  I was very much afraid about ministering to unbelieving Jews; but, that night I lost all fear and was revived!  I dedicated my life to reaching the Jews with the Gospel and love of Yeshua.  I felt like Paul that night when the scales came off my eyes and all fear was taken from me!"