They Thought for Themselves ~ Compiled by Sid Roth
Includes Manny and Sandra's Testimony

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TEN dynamite testimonies of Jewish men and women who searched the world trying every kind of experience in life to find truth, then found Yeshua!  Sid Roth, who was delivered from the occult, New Age, mind control and astral projection, aspired to be a millionaire by age 30. 

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David Yaniv, born in Tel Aviv, injured his back while working.  Surgery meant to correct the problem left him partially paralyzed and unable to walk without crutches and braces!  He was saved and healed watching The 700 Club in Israel.

Active in the Chabad movement, Sharon Allen’s Gentile husband shocked her when he refused to renounce Jesus (he wasn’t even born again) and convert to Orthodoxy.  To prove him wrong, Sharon searched the Scriptures, Jewish commentaries, turned to her Rabbi and expert deprogrammers to help her prove Yeshua was false – her searching lead to her salvation!  

Batya Segal was raised in a Yemenite Jewish kosher-observant home in Israel, she joined the Israeli navy and got married.  She took a part-time job type-setting a Hebrew version of the New Testament, word by word!  God used a vision and an angel to convince her Yeshua was real!  Her husband ridiculed and divorced her.  Now she’s a noted Israeli messianic songwriter.  

Dr. Michael Brown was a bigtime drug abuser and teenage drummer.  After his salvation, he pursued a Ph.D. in 15 Near Eastern languages from New York University in order to answer arguments of Rabbinic Judaism against Yeshua.  

Holocaust survivor Rose Price was angry at Jesus.  She saw her huge Orthodox Jewish family from Poland exterminated and unbearably suffered as a child for five and a half years in concentration camps.  Nazis said they were killing the Jews because the Jews killed Jesus! 

Manny and Sandra Brotman convince readers of the truth of the Jewish Scriptures.  Through reading this book, thousands of people around the world have already accepted Yeshua as their personal Messiah and Savior!

239 pages.  Over 3.16 million copies in print in 9 languages!